L.A. Fires Impact MBMS

As we all know, there are massive, destructive fires spreading throughout California. These fires are a huge issue for people in our singed state. People are being evacuated in the middle of the night and others’ homes are being burned down. People not as close to the fires, such as MBMS, are suffering less severe consequences like the horrid air quality. Last Thursday on Halloween, MBMS was instructed to stay indoors at lunch. The walls of the classrooms shielded us from the smell outside that made our heads pound. This was just a reminder of what others near us were going through.

The fires are mostly under control. They are not gone, but they are all mostly contained so they won’t spread much more. Kincade, Getty, and Maria fires are 100% contained. Other fires like the Taboose, South, and Ranch fires are roughly 80% contained. This means there is a possibility that these will continue to spread. Every year around October, it’s fire season in California and everyone has to look out for sudden fires that could spark anywhere at any time. It’s often a scary time for people that live in places where it’s easy for fire to spark and then germinate. Often, big open areas are the most flammable. The fires usually start because of the dry Santa Ana winds coming through. Other times a fire begins because someone doesn’t put out their cigarette, someone accidentally drops a candle, etc. According to CBS News, the fires have burned over 100,000 acres in three weeks.

There is nothing the state can do but keep the fires from spreading, pour water on the flames from aircrafts, and just let them burn out. Because of this, the Washington Post reports that this year’s fire season might last all the way to December. Not only that, but President Donald Trump is threatening to cut all funds for the California fires. According to ABC News, Trump said that every year California comes looking for help from the government and he’s had enough. Hopefully, fire season will be over soon so everyone will be safe. Then, we can go back to doing run day when it’s planned, sitting outside during lunch, and taking deep breaths where we don’t smell smoke but simply the ocean breeze.