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Audrey Davis
Audrey Davis, a 13 year old, binge watching, mac n cheese eater, is almost always on the volleyball court. She’s a pro procrastinator and always finds excuses to watch T.V. In her bed. She’s a very picky eater. At restaurants, you will often find her ordering from the kids menu. Some days, Audrey comes to school in sweats and a hoodie and she is tired and cranky. Other days, she wears a dress or jeans and has the most energy on the planet. This year, on Waves Today, she wants to write so many interesting articles so that when anyone looks on the website, they see her name all over it.

Audrey Davis, Editor

Nov 12, 2019
L.A. Fires Impact MBMS (Story)
The Student News Site of Manhattan Beach Middle School
Audrey Davis