MBMS Football Goes Undefeated


Staff Photographer

The football team is happy to win another game.

This season, the MBMS flag football team was undefeated. We interviewed Mr. Leonard, who is one of the two flag football coaches. While talking, we discussed how winning all their games felt. He said he felt that the team was coming together and they grew a lot. This year everyone was friends and had a good time, when last year the team lost two of their games and players argued with each other too much.

Staff Photographer
Getting ready for a big game, the tea, huddles around each other to discuss the upcoming game.

This year the team played more like a group rather than single players doing their best. Mr. Leonard thought the team worked well together but he thought there was one player who helped them get through the season\; eighth grader Jace Cortez. “Jace is mature and a natural born leader.” Mr. Leonard said. He believes that Jace was a great contributor to the team. Jace played both offense and defense which made him a great player. On offense he played quarterback and wide receiver. While playing defense, he had a few interceptions.

At their last game, they had tons of fans and they had a motivation to win their game. While at away games, they had more motivation because they had something they wanted to prove.

The second coach for the flag football team was Mr. Dixon. We also interviewed him asking the same questions. Feeling undefeated and to have such great athletes felt great, he thought, and he said his only job was to keep the team motivated and to teach them. When we were talking about this year from last year, he said the team had more energy and they had much more enthusiasm.

He believed that there was not one single player who helped the team the most but agreed with Mr. Leonard that Jace Cortez helped the team. He said, “Wherever we put him, he excelled.” He also said that Jace was flexible and agreeable.

The team had fans that were not just at home games but were also at away games. At home games there were around ten family or friends and there were some but less at away games, but the main focus for the team was to have a good time and to learn.

Staff Photographer
Making a pass, Grant Gilmer the Manhattan Beach Middle School football teams quarterback makes a throw to another player.

Grant Gilmer was the team’s main quarterback. He said it felt good and the team was put together well. He said that he felt he helped motivate the team but there were team captains that helped the most. His opinion on the team this year was, “We never gave up and we kept playing the whole season.”