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Miki Uchida

Miki Uchida, Editor

Miki Uchida is an 8th grader at MBMS. If Miki had the choice to go on vacation anywhere in the world, she would pick to go to Turks and Caicos. She would love to experience the clear ocean water and the wild life. Some of Miki’s favorite activities are surfing, hanging around people she loves, and dancing. She loves doing these activities because it puts her in a place of happiness, comfort, and makes her feel at peace. As Miki gets older, she wants to move to either San Francisco or New York to become independent, and pursue her passion either in business or in fashion. Miki wanted to continue with the MBMS Press for her last year at MBMS because it gives her a creative outlet in school and surrounds her with people that make her happy.

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Miki Uchida