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Joylynn	Lee
Joylynn Lee really loves to write. She writes when she needs to calm down, for school, and even just for fun. Writing is one of Joylynn’s favorite hobbies, but she also loves to play music(violin, harp), and to read. She plays music, because she really love the sounds and tonality of the violin and the harp. Joylynn plays the harp and the violin in MBMS’s orchestra. She may seem really shy when you meet her, but when you start to become more familiar with her Joylynn is a burst of energy and pretty feisty. She especially loves her friends her family more than anything. Every single day with them always makes her smile. Joylynn is hoping to write many creative and unique stories. Also, she would love to improve her writing skills. Joylynn is also looking forward to hearing the stories that the people she interviews has to tell.

Joylynn Lee, Staff Writer

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Joylynn Lee