Super Bowl LV

Jackson Shevin, Staff Writer

Finally, the last two teams battle it all for the Vince Lombardi Trophy. But of course, this year is still different with restrictions and COVID-19 impacting any team’s players at any time. The top team from the NFC is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, led by Tom Brady and coach Bruce Arians. Tom Brady has a two year deal with the Bucs for $50 million dollars. But of course, getting one who is called the greatest of all time they needed some weapons for him to pass to. So, Tom Brady’s former Tight end (Rob Gronkowski) from the Patriots who retired last year came out of retirement to join him in Tampa. The Bucs went 11-5 and made the wildcard spot. Their first opponent was the Washington Football team from the NFC East just sneaking into the playoffs. But of course, Tom Brady defeated them by 31- 23, and Washington for sure put up a fight but couldn’t get it done. Then they had to play future Hall of Famer Drew Brees. This game ended in a loss for the Saints by 30-20 and sent them home. Finally, they have then made it to the NFC Championship and had to play the number one seed (Green Bay Packers) at their home field with 28-degree weather with snow on the field from last night. But the Bucs came out on top and won the game 31-26 and the underdogs have won their division and now are going into the Super Bowl with lots of confidence being the first team to play in their own stadium for a Super Bowl.

However, the team the Bucs are playing is not one to mess around with as they won the Super Bowl last year. The Kansas City Chiefs, led by Patrick Mahomes, and coach Andy Reid went 14-2 with the two losses being the Raiders and Chargers. They got the 1st seed so they didn’t have to play in the Wildcard but the Browns beat the Steelers to make them their next opponent. This game was crazy as Patrick Mahomes had a big hit in the 3rd quarter and caused him to have a concussion to make the backup Chad Henne play for the rest of the game. The Browns rallied back and got the score to 17-22 in the 4th. On top of that, Chad Henne was 3rd and 14 in the 4th quarter with 1:54 on the clock. So we screamed and was an inch short of the first down and then a miracle happened as he passed it to Tyreek Hill getting the first down and securing the win. They then had to face the Buffalo Bills in the AFC championship. But Patrick Mahomes was cleared that he could play and crushed the 38-24 and made it to the super bowl along with Tampa Bay.

After asking a few people what they were doing to watch the Superbowl, people got creative this year. Of course, the most obvious answer was staying at home with their family, but others planned to zoom together and have wings and pizza with distant friends and family. Seventh grader Quinn Campbell said, “ I enjoy the Super Bowl because I can watch it with my friends, so right now this is the best way to do it during COVID.” Seventh grader Ty Lightner said “ After I went to the drive-in World Series game at Dodger Stadium, I saw how fun it is to do this, so I decided to make one with my friends to watch the Super Bowl.”

I was curious about who MBMS thought would win so we did a poll. The results came in and Tampa Bay was more favored by only 1.4%.

Finally, it was Super Bowl day and this is how the game went. It started pretty slow but quickly got into action. The Chiefs got downfield to score the first points of the game. It was then 3-0 after the field goal. But, Gronkowski scored the first touchdown of the game to make the score 7-3 after the extra point. The Chiefs got down the field but couldn’t score due to all the flags and pressure due to their Offensive Line being backups or Rookies. Leonard Fournette (Bucs running back) got to the goal line but came up short so they went for it on fourth down and just was a tad short to keep the score 7-3. But Patrick Mahomes could just not go anywhere as he was pressured almost every time. Luckily, the chiefs got a tipped pick, but with all the holding penalties they had the Bucs got the ball back and got a chance for a field goal. But to make matters worse, the chiefs had another flag that caused the Bucs to get a first down so they didn’t have to kick the ball and Gronkowski scored his second touchdown because of it. But as hard as it was, the Chiefs got the ball downfield and scored another field goal to make it 6-14. But with 18 seconds the chiefs got another flag which caused them to get to the goal line and score a passing touchdown to Antonio Brown to make it 21-6 going into the half. Then it was The Weekends time to shine as he performed all his hit songs for the halftime show. But back to football, in the second half the Chiefs problems didn’t go away. Patrick Mahomes got pressured still non stop and still made it downfield for a field goal to make it 9-21. But the Bucs answered back and got a rushing touchdown by Fournette to make it 28-9. Also, throughout the 3rd quarter the flags didn’t stop for the Chiefs. The Bucs got more points as they scored a field goal to make it a brutal 31-9. In the 4th half the Bucs played conservative football as they only mostly ran the ball to not cause any turnovers. But Patrick Mahomes could not score for the rest of the game but did make incredible plays to try and come back, but with the pressure from the Bucs they had no chance to make anything else happen. The final score 31-9 and the Bucs were the new Super Bowl Champions. Tom Brady had 201 passing yards in the game and Patrik Mahomes had 270 somehow having more than him to prove that we truly still gave it his all. In fact, it was reported Patrik Mahomes ran over 500 yards to get out of sacks before throwing the ball which is crazy. As you would expect the Super Bowl MVP was Tom Brady. He has also now won 7 Super Bowls which is more than any franchise in the NFL.

I asked what people thought about the game. Seventh grader Quinn Campbell said, “I was a little disappointed in the game as I thought it would be a nail biter throughout the whole game.” Seventh grader Ty Lightner said, “I still doubted Tom Brady going into the Super Bowl and I now realized he is truly the Greatest Of All Time.”

NFL fans agreed that they were stoked to still see a full season of Football happening in 2020. But Will your team win it next year?