World Series

This year, with a worldwide pandemic taking place, major league baseball teams still found a way to play games safely. Now, it is already time for a crazy world series, with the Los Angeles Dodgers playing against the Tampa Bay Rays at the Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. The games were crazy and anticlimactic, and the next few paragraphs will give you a quick rundown of the games that took place.

The first game was a win given to the Dodgers from the start of the 4th inning when the dodgers had scored twice and then had scored 4 times in the fifth, giving them a lead of 6-1. Finally, they had won with a score of 8-3. Some memorable moments were when Mookie Betts scored on a ground ball to first base. Also, Cody Ballinger made an amazing catch in the ninth inning, and that pitch seemed like an almost guaranteed home run. All in all, the first game was very positive for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The second game is where Tampa Bay started taking a lead. Although a somewhat close game throughout, in the end, Tampa Bay won for they had a more stable pitching lineup. Kevin Forest Cash states, “You get caught [unrested] at times [in the postseason]. The two days off [before the Series], that helped us. … All you’re trying to do is maximize opportunities and make sure everybody is as fresh as possible when you need them most.” In the end, Tampa Won with a very intense game.

The third and fourth games were both very intense with different results for each. In the third game, the Dodgers had taken a win, but in the fourth game, the Rays had taken a win for Tampa Bay. The fourth game was definitely a nail biter with a final score of 8-7. Grade 7 student, Hayden Tynan, states “It was a very exciting game. Me and my family were sitting on edge. Unfortunately, the Dodgers lost.” A very upsetting game for many Dodgers fans.
The 5 and 6 games were wins for the dodgers. This contributed to their overall game win. Many people were thrilled about the win. In game 5, the final score was 4-2, with a win for the Dodgers. The final score for game 6 was 3-1 with the other win for the dodgers. The celebrations from the game were one of the most memorable. The dodgers were so thrilled about the results of the game. It ended with the third strike pitched.

Some of the changes made for the world series to adjust to covid was most of the managers and crew had to wear masks. All of the players were quarantined in what is called the “bubble”. The players took daily covid tests. Ironically enough, in the 7th quarter, one of the most well-known players on the Dodgers, Justin Turner, was pulled out of the game for one of his covid tests came back positive. But, affecting the safety of the team, he came back out at the end of the game to celebrate. This has become talked about throughout America, and how that could jeopardize the team’s health.

So, the real question is, was the world series worth it during a pandemic? Many precautions were made regarding covid safety, and it allowed joy for many people who are sports enthusiasts, and it allowed the baseball industry to make more money. But, in the last game, they started letting real fans watch and there is reason to believe that this may have caused some covid cases, with a whopping 10,000 fans there, mostly social distanced.
All in all, the world series was very thrilling this year. The real debate is: should it have happened?